A special day ...!

animated by one very special! =)

a unique event in the heart of the bride and groom and all participants.

everything has to be perfect!

the local church, but especially the entertainment

service must ensure a high level of acceptance

among the venturers 'cause accompany them

until the end of the reception!

A wedding ' type ':

-Under chanting and contact with

Welcome awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom;

-Entrance of the bride and groom with Wedding Gear,

presentation of the bride and groom

involving all the guests;

-The entertainer will follow the bride and groom

in brindisi beginning aperitif and accompaniment

with newsroom staff at the table of the bride and groom;
-Will be planned in collaboration with the

maitre sketch and interview room at the tables

guests between the scope and the other with

its '' snapshots '' of these

(see photo);

-The various moments of dance

can be articulated

throughout the event without hindering the

catering service, the genres that will be

proposed vary from 60 ' with each

musical genre up to the present day, This

to guarantee and entertain

all the guests;

-Installed equipment are built for

a multitude of services, as well as that of


-Animation and games will be scheduled and

proportioned according to the type of guests

which present;

-The entertainment and animation

the entire receipt will follow until the end

the same unlimited time!

Nothing is left to chance!

All those present will be protagonists of this memorable day, leaving an indelible memory over time.

i remember thinking back to the bride and groom and remember staff who will have certainly contributed to prevail among the present spirit of participation and protagonism that each of us carries inside!!!



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