Entertain, amaze and amuse it is our mission to Always!

The service of animation and entertainment we have

proposed is proportionate to the type of guests attending the event.

Moreover, in order to guarantee a quality service

it is important to have fun and to entertain all guests

who will be attending regardless of age.

In order to get the instructions, the staff consists

of at least three operators, including a Dj/Presenter and two technicians.

In most of the events we organised an evening ' type ' takes place as follows:

-Entrance with its resentation of celebrated to everyone here;

-Early music programming background and photos;

-Formal Entertainment at the tables during dinner;

-Dance Moments and animation as well as group games between a range and the other;

-Cutting of the cake and its opening gifts with the entertainer;

-Possible Projection DVD/album by celebrated;

-No time limit! guests will be followed until the end of the event!

Please note that each event can be customized to their own liking! =)

We are Ductile and malleable as gold!!! =)



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